Tuesday, 5 November 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Designing For Web Scamp Feedback (Workshop 2)

At the start of the session today we were asked to place all of our work out in front of us and then asked to walk around the class and crit everyone's scamp designs. I think some people had managed to spend more time on the scamps than others. We weren't given that much time to do this, but I still found it beneficial to me to be able to look at what other people had thought of. When I came and sat back down to read my feedback I was really pleased with how constructive it was:

  • Scamp no 1 - very clean and easy to navigate
  • Scamp no 3 - looks the most interesting, you could make the earth rotate to make it more interactive
  • Scamp no 3 - seems the most interesting, and also the most engaging and interactive
  • Scamp no 3 - the most effective because of the interaction with the globe
  • All scamps are effective
  • Scamp no 2 - the clearest and will be the easiest to make as well as use. Because of its simplicity I can see it being easy to make in to a mobile website or app.

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