Tuesday, 12 November 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Print (Primary Research)

Over the weekend I collected some more primary research which may become inspirational for me throughout the design process of this brief. I always notice parts of different designs which inspire me and so I think this is certainly worth making a record of.

The innocent smoothie bottle below is illustrating a campaign that they have at the moment. By asking the general public to knit different hats for the bottles they are able to get some exposure and feel part of a community essentially, but at the same time they are giving 25p for each bottle with a hat on to Age UK to help keep the elderly warm and healthy. I think this is a really lovely incentive which everyone would want to get involved in. I would love to think of a similar way to encourage my audience by creating a 'community' almost which printers can feel a part of and feel as though they are doing their bit for the environment. 

I think that by relating my work to FSC I will be able to produce materials which can be sent out and they can advertise the fact that printers are using vegetable based inks and care for the environment. This could be reinforced with them wearing badges or something similar to illustrate to their clients what they are doing.

I quite like how this reusable carrier bag has been designed, with a clever pun included, I think if I was to still concentrate on the idea of vegetable based inks, I could quite cleverly do the same but with vegetables instead. At the same time however, I am not sure whether this would be too unprofessional. 

When I went to KFC the other day I noticed that the packaging had changed. I thought this was a really clever way of minimising packaging in the long term because although it has been printed full colour using a lot of ink, the tabs are simply there to push through to illustrate what the meal is inside, meaning that they don't have to have a separate box for each.

I also came across these examples of printed design on a notice board and like how they are all designed with a specific shape to represent the content. This is something I would strongly consider for my work and I think it could be applied by using something along the lines of the outline of the earth.

When I was in Wagamama the other day I noticed how they had redesigned their promotional materials. They are trying out the new square meal at the moment and they have advertised it using a small double sided leaflet illustrated below, as well as the place mat being printed with the image of it on as well as the concept. I really liked this idea and it reminded me of Graze branding which is also photographed below. The food photography and info graphics work really well together, this is something I could consider when creating my concertinas as I could include imagery of vegetables.

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