Monday, 11 November 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Print (Refined Concept and Rewritten Brief)

As I have developed my idea so much from the start of this brief, I feel as though I am now at a point in time where I am happy with my content and feel as though I have managed to refine my idea enough for it to be successful. 

I have also decided to write the brief out again so that I know what I need to achieve in the time given to complete this work. I also think it is important for me to rewrite the brief so that I can show how I have developed my idea.


To produce an informative, professional leaflet which will be used to promote LGP Print in Leeds and all of their services. By doing so different processes, formats and finishes will be discovered and it will become apparent which information needs to be included in the printed leaflet, and which should remain on the website alone.

The resolution to this brief will be distributed to LGP Print's clients and they should be able to gather all of the relevant information they need in order to make decisions concerning whether or not they want to use their print services.


As the leaflet will be commercially printed, it should be produced with mass production in mind. It should therefore not be too complicated to create and should simply portray the information without being too complex to use as a tool for information.


Postings to your Design Practice and Design Context blogs demonstrating your ongoing research and methodologies.

Clearly tagged mandatory research areas.

An ISSUU document posted to your Design Practice blog communicating the selected development of your response.

The content, format and scale of your resolution will be determined by what you have to say and how you organize it.

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