Wednesday, 6 November 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Print and Web Crit

This morning we had a crit with either Phil or Lorraine in small groups. I was in a group with Phil as well as Adam, Lizzy, Abi, Amy and Anna. We were at the start of the day and had one hour to get through everyone and give everyone some constructive feedback. I went first and discussed both my ideas for web as well as print.

I started off explaining my concept for web and how I am going to base it around the concept of sugar cane. Using my three scamps I explained which had stood out to be the most successful in Simon's web design session. I would have liked some feedback on the content of my website at this point but nobody really responded to what I had to say. Phil said I should decide on my content myself and narrow it down so that I didn't have too much to work with, I felt as though this was a fair point and I am going to strongly consider my content now that I have had this crit. 

The feedback I was given for my web ideas are as follows:
  •  Phil liked the idea of creating a sustainable future and involved the audience by asking them to create something out of recycled material and sharing it with the world essentially.
  • Phil also mentioned that when he was listening to my idea he instantly thought that it could be an educational resource and said that I should consider whether it could maybe be for schools, businesses or commercial use.
  • The idea of looking at current brands who have used sugar cane within their packaging also seemed to appear to be a strong idea, this is something I need to consider.
  • Overall I was therefore told to really look at my audience and focus it down, when doing this it will help me to decide on my content as well.
I have therefore decided to carry out some primary research and get some feedback from people in my year group to see which they think would be the most beneficial website to produce. I think this will help me immensely and it is important that I gather this primary research to know that I am creating something worthwhile that would be used.

I then spoke about my print brief. I had spent quite a lot of time explaining it yesterday to the group I was in and so I didn't want to take up too much time today concentrating on it. I therefore tried to summarise all of my ideas, however this was hard as I have currently got so many. My main concern at the moment is my target audience, as I really need to nail this down before continuing any further with design ideas as such. 

The feedback I was given for my print ideas are as follows:
  • As soon as I had explained how I would be creating this pack based on the idea of 'turning over a new leaf' or even 'take a leaf out of my book', as well as mentioning about how I would have seeds at the end of the book and things to push out and create bookmarks, Phil came back to me and responded by saying that he instantly thought it would be perfect for the use of families. This is something I hadn't previously considered because obviously my underlying concept it all about being eco friendly with design. Beth then asked Phil about the content of my print information pack and suggested that children wouldn't be able to necessarily fulfill the process. Phil then said it would therefore be more of a challenge for me, something I would greatly benefit from, because I would have to consider how to approach it in terms of tone of voice. I could write it so that the adults could understand it and teach their children, and at the same time would be encouraged to consider what materials to use when playing with their children or even teaching them. I also think this gives me more scope to include a wider variety of things in my pack. I had already considered including the wooden stamps that I use to create the pack, so that the children could then use the ink they make with their seeds, and then use the wood blocks to print. This could easily be extended by creating more 'props' for them to use for a variety of processes.
  • Due to not having to include everything within my pack (as long as it is shown on my blog that I have researched it) it allows me to be more selective about the information. Phil suggested that I could perhaps provide the parents/adults with a separate glossary with all of the other processes if I felt it was necessary.
  • Last night I carried out some further research after my crit, and I found some resusable white boards as well as clear sticky boards. This would most certainly appeal more to children. I do however think that I need to aim it at children who have already been in education for a good amount of time, because they will need to be able to read and respect the pack in terms of keeping it in good quality.
I felt as though this crit was beneficial in terms of the feedback that I received, however I also felt as though I was slightly rushed and was unable to get across all of the points that I was hoping to make. This is because I was aware that we only had one hour to get through everyone. I do think however, that next week's crit with Lorraine and Phil will help me a lot more and put me in the right direction, and at the moment I can concentrate on responding to the feedback I have been given over the past two days.

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