Tuesday, 20 May 2014

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Studio Brief 2 (Sensory Board Experiment)

When I started this brief I had initially planned to create a wide range of sensory materials. The more research I carried out though (contacting Build a Bear) the clearer it became to me that it would be too expensive for me to produce. Thankfully though, I managed to find a recording device from the pound land which enabled me to produce this prototype. If I had the funds and I was able mass produce this product it would obviously be finished off much more professionally than this. I was fortunate enough to be able to record the sound of a belt fastening using a clip taken from YouTube. I am really pleased that I have been able to demonstrate this idea as I think it makes it a bit more realistic than just simply talking about it. There are already some existing materials for autistic children which are similar to this, however I think this has a completely different feel to it and is obviously following the same theme as the rest of the branded materials I have produced. 

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Printing Presentation Boards

When printing my presentation boards out I tried printing out on cartridge paper but the colour didn't come out very well as the images appeared quite faded. I have therefore decided to print out all of my boards on the 80gsm printer paper in the studio. The quality of the images appears to be much clearer on this stock and the colours are so much more accurate to real life.

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Submission Boards

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Studio Brief 2 (Brand Guidelines)

Monday, 19 May 2014

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Studio Brief 2 (Photographs of Range)

Today I managed to use the photography studio to photograph my range of products for this module. Below are a select few of the photographs, illustrating everything I have designed. I took a lot of photographs but these were the most successful. I am really pleased with the outcome of these photographs and look forward to improving my photography skills even further in the third year. 

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Studio Brief 2 (Flexipress Printer)

Here are a few photographs I took when I went to collect my work from Flexipress printers at home. They have been established for a long time now and have a lot of technical equipment. It is quite a small printers, and although they are always very busy, they always make the time to print my work which is brilliant.