Wednesday, 20 November 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Print (Further Primary Research - Mail Shots)

Whilst I was at home at the weekend I made a conscious effort to try and find as many mail shots or similar flyers which I could possibly get inspiration from.

This first example is for The White Company. What I liked about this design in particular is the fact that there is a removable card which essentially makes the flyer reusable at a small scale. This is something I could consider when designing.

We had also received some information regarding a complementary hand and arm massage at Jo Malone, and this was presented beautifully. 

Below is what the sample perfume card looked like. I love how it is subtly camouflaged in to the image and doesn't stand out as being a fold away tab. This subtly is something I would like to adapt in my work as I think it comes across as being the most professional way of marketing yourself or your work.

Inside the envelope which contained all of the different materials there is a beautifully striking flower print. I think if I wasn't using the envelope as a returns form I could certainly experiment with a pattern for the inside.

This also caught my eye because of all of the text which is printed behind the chicken illustration. I like how they have managed to include such important words using subtle changes in tone.

Once again this is an example of a mail shot where you can remove part of it and keep it. This closely relates to the environment as it is for British Gas and illustrates the world in the same way as the TV commercial. This also links back to my design I created for Rippleffect over Summer which is illustrated on another blog post.

Now that I have decided that I will be basing my work around lgp print in Leeds I think it is important to look at any existing work which is why I am finding this exercise beneficial.

By simply altering the shape of the mail shot or leaflet it attracts attention. I actually picked this up inside Natwest as a promotional material they had available to the general public.

Finally, this is a scheme which is similar to the graze box idea. It is encouraging people to eat more veg and be healthier. I like how the fruit is presented and how photography has been used here. It would be interesting if I could get hold of some of lgp's images to work with. However, at the same time I am actually more interested in creating something a bit different, and I would actually quite like to include some hand rendered illustrations in it somehow.

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