Tuesday, 5 November 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Print and Web Crit

This morning we had a briefing with Phil when he told us all about what we will be doing this morning. We then went in to the studio to discuss our work. 

We got in to our own groups, ours had seven people in it. I felt as though this was a good amount to start with, however at the end we ran out of time which could perhaps imply that we were either spending too much time on one person's ideas, or that we could have done with having smaller groups to work in. This is something I can suggest next time.

Whilst we were talking through our ideas, Lorraine came over and started talking to us about audience. She had heard us talking about audience and how a lot of us were designing for 'graphic designers' or 'first year graphic designers' and she suggested that this was perhaps a bit too broad and that we needed to consider WHO exactly we were talking to and aiming it at. She then asked us who:
  • Boys and girls
  • Background can differ
  • Have an education whether they come from A level, foundation or work etc
  • Lorraine suggested that we should take away the label and ask WHO?
  • May have to look at statistics
  • Who else could it benefit?
  • Why would they be interested?
When Jamie was discussing his idea he mentioned the book he had used 'Print and Finish' by Ambrose/Harris. This is something I am going to look at and perhaps buy to help me as it looked like a strongly designed book.

The feedback I received was:
  • Make paper out of leaves - paper can be created by using leaves
  • When embossing, reverse the letters so that it is the opposite that sticks out
  • Create a tree which can be used to hang the leaves from - this would have two purposes and could be used afterwards for a plant to grow around and planed in a pot of soil
  • Melissa mentioned that on the website, not on the high street there are plant seeds with words on so this is something I am going to look in to
Whilst we were discussing my idea I also thought about the possibility of me being able to package my books which could then be torn off and the inside of the packaging could then have a template of something which you could make - perhaps a bag which the pack could be stored inside.

I have decided that I am going to create some prototypes of some of my ideas for tomorrow's crit as I think this would be beneficial to me when explaining my concept.

I found this crit quite useful as I had some constructive feedback which I will be able to apply to my work. However, I think more feedback tomorrow will allow me to be sure about some of the things I am currently unsure about when relating to the actual design.

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