Wednesday, 13 November 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Print (Hobs Inquiry)

On my way home today I had a discussion with Ellen about my print brief. I discussed my most recent crit and how I would like to focus my idea down a bit more. We were walking past Hobbs anyway so I decided to visit and ask them a few questions. I went in and asked for some samples of stock and asked whether they print on recycled stock at all. The man said that they had one recycled stock that they use and he would put it in with my samples. Whilst I was waiting for him to collect the samples for me, I read the FSC and ISO14001 which was pinned up on the wall. I thought it would be worthwhile to blog as I may then get some inspiration from them at a later date. I also thought it was worth noting that Hobbs are environmentally friendly. 

Whilst I was waiting I also noticed the 3D printer. I had never actually seen one before and found it really impressive to see the examples of the work placed on top of the printer. I had an idea to produce something using the 3D printer for my mailshot idea, although this wouldn't be very cost effective if I was wanted to reproduce it (which I would) and it would also be hard to produce something 3D which would fit through a post box.

This is something I would definitely like to experiment with in the future though, whether it is for personal use or whether I am able to apply it to one of my briefs.

Below is a photograph of the samples I was given. At this current moment in time I think I will be using the recycled stock as it feels as though it will be easy to fold as well to create envelopes. I will however look at other stock choices before making a final decision.

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