Tuesday, 26 November 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Print and Web (Briefing)

This morning we were briefed by Phil, Simon and Lorraine. Our design for print and web brief was explained to us so that we understand what is expected of us. I wrote down some key information during the briefing:

  • Push boundaries
  • Think of a concept that can successfully run across print and web
  • You can produce almost anything with print
We were also advised to experiment further in terms of our skill set. If we are currently wishing we could try out and certain process but haven't had the chance to, this is the time to do it. I think because I have decided that my print brief is going to be printed in a lot more commercialised way, I still want to use emboss and deboss on my work, and this is the perfect opportunity. 

I decided to print off all of the briefs which I liked initially and then narrowed it down to three which were definite ones and two that I would maybe do. This will help me for tomorrow's session where we will be looking at the three briefs we have chosen. 

Below are some images of the five briefs, each of which have annotations with ideas and possible outcomes. 

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