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OUGD503 Responsive - Design Process 2: Studio Session 2

In groups of 4 we have been asked to present our briefs to the rest of the group.

What decisions have I made and why?
What am I planning on doing with it?
Any concerns?

Issy - Purdey's

- Vague
- Harder than it looks

My feedback - Fedrigoni

- Will I feel limited with the stock choices?
- It will be a good chance to explore my own style
- Instead of thinking about what stock I should be using I will have to work the other way round to consider what I could create with the stock provided

Ellen - FemFresh

- Convince young women to use FemFresh
- Use photography
- Do you use it yourself?
- Aim to switch the embarrassment to encourage people to use it
- Would it react to people in different ways? - Clinically proven
- Be careful about execution
- Fine line between it being humorous and serious

J'nae - XL Recordings

- Highlighting their most significant events with the artists
- Broad audience 'music lovers'
- A1 poster and an illustration documenting process
- Exposure for the artist

We then shared common things we had found with the rest of the class. Fred gave us some added things to think about:

Fedrigoni Brief

What are the five most important words?

  • Functional
  • Expressive
  • Useful
  • Creative
  • Calendar
  • Woodstock
  • Useful
  • Visual
  • Aesthetic
  • Awareness
What are the five most important considerations?
  • The Fedrigoni family has been a part of the paper world since 1717, when the San Columbano paper mill was set up in Vallarsa-Rovereto, Italy
  • Fedrigoni papers are ultra functional and at the same time wonderfully expressive
  • The calendar will be used as a way of promoting their Woodstock paper range
  • Must appeal to the customers who have high aesthetic standards
  • Consider size - the bigger the calendar the less likely customers are to keep it on their desks
  • Stock
  • Client base
  • Ultra functional
  • Promote awareness
  • Sustainability
What are the 5 related products?
  • Existing calendars
  • Diaries
  • Journal
  • Address Book
  • Publication
  • Creative calendars
  • Other paper brands
  • High quality printed designs
  • Functional diaries
  • Recycled products
What are the 5 related places?
  • Italy
  • FSC
  • Shops
  • Stationary store
  • Places with stock choices
  • Printing studios
  • Design studios
  • Universities and creative institutions
  • Offices
  • Paper suppliers

Purdey's Brief

What are the five most important words?
  • Natural
  • Rejuvinate
  • Wellness
  • Packaging
  • Recognisable
What are the five most important considerations?
  • Purdey's have developed loyal followers who seek balance and sustainability in the way they choose to live
  • Create packaging without losing curiosity of the brand
  • Purdey's appeal lies in its idiosyncratic nature
  • One must be opaque
  • The other one doesn't need to be opaque
What are the 5 related products?
  • Herbal tea
  • Health drinks
  • Innocent
  • Green tea
  • Vitamin water
What are the 5 related places?
  • Hartepool
  • Shops
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
We were then given more questions:

Who is the audience?
  • The customers
  • Anyone who visits Fedrigoni
Who in my view should the audience be?
  • The same as above
Who could the audience be?
  • A wider public audience, if it was used to actually demonstrate to clients their Woodstock range at a larger scale. Perhaps adapted at large scale to create posters which illustrate their range of paper.
  • Because this would bring Fedrigoni more sales and they would have an increased profit.
What do they do?
  • Graphic Design
Where do they go?
  • A variety of different printer services or places to get their work published.
What do they buy?
  • Services
What do they want to be?
  • Organised
  • Efficient
  • In the know
The more we start to understand the audience and the people we are dealing with the more successful the outcome will be.


The judges are in fact the audience because ultimately they are going to be judging it. Who are they? When we are doing our research look at the judges and what they are looking for. As well as researching in to the brand.

Last year two students fulfilled a brief whereby they flipped the audience on its head to look at the brief from a different perspective. For female sanitary products they designed the packaging as if it was for the boyfriends or partners going to buy this product for their other half. This is a really innovative way of answering the brief.

Think about all of the above questions before I actually start designing.

Fill in the concept form with three points for each.

For the next session
  • Bring along the concept statement
  • Download a blank studio brief and re write it
  • Initial development - contextual references
  • Any prototypes
  • 5 reasons why you response will win
Use the blank studio brief for any live briefs we do as well.

In 3 weeks time

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