Thursday, 21 November 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Web (Web Crit With Phil)

This morning I wanted to have a one on one crit before the interim crit next week. I feel as though my current idea for web is a bit unfinished and I could do with some advice to send me in the right direction. I managed to ask Phil before the lecture for some advice. 

I went in with my laptop and showed him the Rewined website. I wanted to know whether it would be possible for me to create something similar. He said it would certainly be possible to create and that I could do with looking at the coding of current websites.

I have decided to take some screen shots to start this process. I was unaware that I could actually do this to view the coding. I love the use of photography and hand rendered illustrations and feel that it creates a much more fun and interesting feel as opposed to simply having the text aligned with images along side it.

Phil also advised me to look at other websites to see how they are laid out and to look at how the page changes when you change the size of the website. 

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