Wednesday, 9 October 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production Workshop 2: Design For Print

This afternoon we put all of our objects on the table and as a group categorised them. Using the six different categories we put the printed materials in different piles. 

First category - Format

We separated our printed material into the following groups:
  • Bags
  • Packaging
  • Promotional material
  • Business cards
  • Magazines/Publications


Promotional material

Business cards


We then divided the group further, using a variety of different categories.

Subdivide 1


Food and drink 

None food and drink















Business cards

Self promotion

Business promotion

Subdivide 2 (COLOUR)


2 colours

3/4 plus stock

Full colour

We then had a discussion about whether things look cheap or expensive depending on the colours used. For example, Molton Brown is a high end brand, but it is a monochromatic design, and therefore is probably less expensive to produce than a full colour design.

Subdivide 3 (PRODUCTION)

Mass production

Short run

We didn't have any bespoke examples, so I am interested in researching further into this category.

Whilst categorising production, we considered the audience size, as well as the cost of production as well.

Subdivide 4 (PROCESS)



Screen printing



Spot varnish

Pad printing

After this I presumed we would do finishing and stock, but we had actually covered these categories already within our other divides. 

We then had a discussion about ordering our printed materials into cost. Initially we had Liz Earle at the high end, but once we had a discussion about it we decided that packaging is in fact thrown away so it is likely to be more of a mid range design example.

After the break we organised the same objects into the following categories:
  • Branding and Identity
  • Packaging and Promotion
  • Publishing and Editorial
  • Information and Way finding
We put ours into groups, but we didn't have any for information and way-finding. 

Branding and Identity

Packaging and Promotion

Publishing and Editorial

We were then asked to write a list of things we want to find out more about:
  • What quantifies as mass production?
  • What is pad printing and how is it applied to design?
  • The cost of high end packaging
  • How to emboss/impression
  • How does the ink used on high end branding/packaging differ to low end?
  • What is a bespoke brand?
  • What are examples of bespoke brands?
  • Do high end brands pay more to print on their packaging?
  • Is screen printing the cheapest option?
We then went round the class and shared what we had found:

Other people mentioned the following:
  • Spot varnish
  • Difference between mass produced/short run
  • How receipts are printed
  • How to make inks
  • How to print on napkins
  • Pantone
  • Refresh the colour theory
  • How to foil professionally
  • Improving general knowledge (binding etc)
  • Printing white on black stock
  • Packaging software (one of my thoughts)

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