Wednesday, 30 October 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Web (Body Shop Primary Research)

When I was walking through Leeds today this window display caught my eye. When we had our first session with Lorraine and Phil I started to draw out an idea relating to what my website could potentially look like. The Body Shop consider the environment profoundly when they release new products. They ensure that they work as ethically as possible to produce their packaging from the first stage to the production of the product itself.

This was the first window which caught my attention. It relates closely to the design I came up with in the first session as I illustrated how my homepage could have a world in the centre separated in two to illustrate the effects of plastic as well as sugar cane on the planet. This image below would influence me to perhaps create a world using sugar and dying it various colours - It could be black on one side to illustrate the negative effects of plastic and then the other side could be vibrant and green relating to sugar cane.

If I decide to look at case studies around the world I could take inspiration from this window display. I could use sugar perhaps again to form the structure of the earth and pin point relevant areas with an illustration or info graphic for sugar cane.

The image below demonstrates The Body Shop's ethical views. I could include something along the same lines as this on my website to make people aware of why sugar cane is becoming more popular to create products such as plastic as well as a variety of different objects such as clothing. I think I have so many options at the moment to choose from in terms of content but I need to really narrow it down so I can start designing.

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