Monday, 28 October 2013

OUGD503 Responsive - Design Process 2: Preparatory Work

  • Read the Module Information and Studio Brief 1
  • Sign up / subscribe / join D&AD, YCN , ISTD
  • Explore the content of their websites
  • Visit Graphic Competitions, 99 Designs, Design Contests websites
  • Read their Terms and Conditions
  • Select 5 briefs that you are interested in responding to
  • Bring printed copies of each brief to the next session
  • Write a short description of why you have selected these briefs


I chose this brief for the body shop because I feel as though it is well suited to my practice at this current moment in time. I have always been interested in packaging since the start of the course and I am becoming more and more interested in the ethical side of packaging. I know that the Body Shop are an eco-friendly brand which is the main reason I have chosen it.

Fortnum and Mason was one of my subjects I researched over Summer. Therefore I feel as though I know a lot about the brand and the history which would help me a lot with this brief. I also feel as though because it was something I had initially chosen to research I would be likely to find completing the brief really interesting and fun.

Graphic Competitions

Once again, this is an eco-friendly ethical brief which is extremely interesting for me at the moment. I think I would benefit a lot working for Greenpeace and it would be an amazing experience to fulfill a brief for such an important organisation.

99 Designs

The two briefs below are both very similar as they relate to beauty products. Both of the labels seem to be very organic brands and so I can imagine their packaging to be very clean and simple. This is most certainly suited to me as I feel as though I am quite professional and simplistic with my work.

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