Monday, 13 January 2014

OUGD504: Design Production - Design For Print (Final Concertina Print Issue)

When I spent some time looking over the concertina which was printed at LGP for me, I realised that a line of text had been erased during the print process. I then checked to see whether the PDF I sent over was correct or not, as it may have been my mistake. But then realised that the PDF was fine and it wasn't my fault. I then sent the email below over the Philip in hope for a response today. I then made a phone call to him this morning to see whether it could be printed out again, and luckily he was more than happy to reprint it for me and said that it would be done today for me.

After a couple of hours I got in touch about collecting it and thankfully he was able to deliver it to uni for me which I was extremely grateful for. Now all I need to do for submission is cut it down to the correct size and fold it all correctly.

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