Wednesday, 8 January 2014

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Print and Web (Final Crit)

This morning we had our final crit for print and web. We were put into different groups and we were asked to explain our work and then give written feedback. Each person to the left of the person presenting their work was responsible for writing the feedback down. 

I received the following comments:

  • Strong concept
  • Strong colour scheme
  • Well thought out
Areas for improvement and things to consider:
  • Have you considered receipts?
  • You could go to The Body Shop and buy lip balm and then re brand it
  • Could you extend the range further?
I also mentioned how I was going to perhaps design flavoured tea packaging as well as cake, and I had some poisitive feedback on this so I think I will do this. I also thought that for the receipt I could perhaps try perforating, and maybe using ink on one of the laser cut stamps I produce this afternoon to print on to the receipts. Another thought I had throughout the crit was to try experimenting with the interior of the shop and imposing my logo on to a wall.

I then asked about pricing for my products and how to make it affordable. I was given the suggestion to look at Starbucks and consider the pricing of their cake and drinks as they are affordable but perhaps a little bit more expensive and special in comparison to other places.

Review of feedback:

I then decided to review the crit we had in comparison to the last crit we had before Christmas. I personally didn't mind the crit today but I think a lot of people preferred the last one, and having some honest feedback. One thing I did mention however, is that I quite liked how last time when we weren't there to explain our work, it allowed people to try and understand our work without us being there to explain it, and this to me is successful branding.

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