Sunday, 6 April 2014

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Studio Brief 2 (Easter Break Development)

Over the past few days I have done nothing but cut all of the work out ready for my stall at Waterstones when I return after Easter. It was quite a mad rush to get everything printed in time but I am so thankful for the printers at home as I wouldn't have managed to do it otherwise. I feel as though, now that I have built up a relationship with them, they will print anything out for me at really short notice. 

As I was unsure at first which stock to use for all of the printed materials, I asked if Chris at Flexipress would mind printing out a few samples on different stock. He printed out a selection of work on five different stock samples. This was so helpful as I was then able to take the samples home, cut them out and fold where appropriate, and then decide whether or not the stock was suitable or not. 

I was able to do this, and then get back to him on the same day to give him details about what I would like printing on which stock. I decided to use a thin stock for the box, as the ink cracked along the edges on the coated stock. 

I sat with all of the work spread out so that I could gradually cut it all out and alternate between each job so that it didn't seem quite as time consuming. They did offer at the printers to fold and cut everything for me, but when I explained how my box would be folded, I explained that it would probably be easier for me to construct it all, plus I don't mind, as it allows me to improve my crafting skills. 

When I went to collect all of the print outs, I noticed that the business cards hadn't been printed correctly as they weren't the right way up. Thankfully I noticed when I did because Chris was then able to print another copy off for me. 

This is a progression photograph, I tried to alternate and cut out a variety of different coloured flash cards so that at the end I could just pick them up and place them together as a set with the red 'seat belt' around it with the buckle.

I had ten different boxes printed in hope that I will sell them at Waterstones. This meant that I had a lot of boxes to construct and a lot of concertinas to cut out. It was such as time consuming task to complete but I know it will be worth it in the end. 

Below is my first completed set of flash cards. I am really pleased with the outcome of it and think that it adds a clever sensory touch to my work which will appeal to autistic children. Ideally, I would have liked to produce all of the materials using more sensory materials and sound effects, but this just wouldn't be cost effective. It is just something which I could propose and I plan to propose before we hand our work in for submission. 

At this stage I felt as though I was making progress. It has been such a lengthy progress and quite repetitive but I think it will all work really well together in the end. 

The most time consuming work to cut out was the boxes I printed out. This is because it has to be as precise and neat as possible as it is all on show and very visible. 

I had one of the boxes printed out on 280mil pulpboard but the ink cracked on it. However, I am going to use this stock for my flash cards as it is ideal. 

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