Tuesday, 1 April 2014

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Studio Brief 1 (Further Development)

Below is all of my further development. When I had my work printed at Flexipress, they printed it off on a variety of stock for me to start with so that I could choose the most suitable for my final pieces of work. Below I have photographed some examples of my work when it has been constructed, showing how the ink has cracked in some cases, as the stock was too thick to fold without this happening to it. 

I experimented with folding the concertinas inwards, but it didn't work very well, so I am going to have to dismiss this idea and have all of the concertinas pulling outwards.

Before having it all printed professionally, I decided to print out some examples myself to make sure that there weren't any mistakes. I found a few and have written on the work to remind me to make the changes before sending the final artwork. 

I also had a go at printing the work to scale on my A4 printer at home just to check that it is all legible and that all of the images are sharp enough. 

I also experimented with stock. Printing out all of the designs against different coloured stock worked quite well, but I think the colours would just be too bright for an autistic child to comfortably read and although it is designed for the carers and parents, it is still important that all of the key pieces of information are taken into consideration when designing, as I want it to be representative of autistic children as much as possible. 

I had a sample of flash cards printed out on a gloss paper. Although I love the finish of this, I think that the matte finish would be more suitable and durable in the long term. 

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