Thursday, 24 April 2014

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Studio Brief 2 (Waterstones Event)

Tonight I had my stall at Waterstones. Below are some photographs I took while I was there demonstrating the box with all of my products displayed on top. At the start of the night it was quite busy, as people had already been there during the day shopping, and there is a Costa upstairs where the stalls were located. Due to it being located upstairs, anyone that was walking past Waterstones wouldn't have known that there was an event inside. This was a shame because, with more advertisements, it would have encouraged more and more people to come inside.

Initially, I had been told that I would be situated in the children's area downstairs in Waterstones, so I had the box made and had it all worked out. However, when I got there on the night, I was told that it was on the middle floor which meant that the box had to be carried upstairs. This wasn't too much of a problem but I feel as though the event wasn't very well organised overall.

During the first half of the event, I got chatting to a girl who had an autistic brother, so I was able to give her a car to take home to him which she was really grateful for. I also got chatting to several other people, one being an architect in Leeds. She approached me and was asking about my work and the kind of design I like to produce. She then proceeded to give me her business card for me to contact her and go in and speak to the graphic designers that she works with. I will definitely be taking her up on this offer as I think it is a fantastic opportunity to get to meet even more people. 

Overall, I am really pleased that I had the opportunity to hold a stall at Waterstones. I feel as though this was a great opportunity to get my work out there and I was also able to distribute business cards allowing me to make more contacts. 

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