Tuesday, 15 April 2014

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Studio Brief 2 (Preparing The Box)

Over the Easter period, Ellen and I went back to college for a couple of days to prepare my box for my event. When I was at home I went and bought the paint I needed to match the colours up with my publication as closely as possible. I had the paint mixed and spent a considerable amount on it, so I am hoping that once the event has been and gone, I will be able to find another use for the box so that it isn't a waste of money in the long run. 

All of the photographs are quite self explanatory. Thankfully I only needed to give each side one coat, which meant that it could be painted over a period of two days. The undercoat dried within a few hours as well which was helpful, and I was really pleased with the coverage. 

Before Easter, I organised with the student union how to transport the box to Waterstones. They kindly said that they would be able to help me with this, and that they would hire the van to take it down on the night. I was so thankful for this, as I had a brief panic about whether it would be possible or not. I am really looking forward to the event now, especially as it is something quite exciting and different to engage with, and is also very different to anything I have ever done before. 

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