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OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Print and Web (L'Orangerie Inspiration)

There are many different things I have been influenced by for this project. Whenever I see something which I like the look of in terms of design I tend to photograph it straight away and this usually fits in later on with a brief I am working on. Or if this doesn't happen, I find myself starting a brief and then constantly looking out for more and more inspiration wherever I go.

Below is a photograph of inside The Imaginarium in York. It is a beautifully presented shop with lots of quirky products inside. Photography is prohibited but I was able to find these photographs online. It is prohibited to encourage people to come and discover it for themselves. This is one thing in particular I love about this shop.

I have decided that I would like to create a shop very similar and would like it to work in a way that relies on people visiting as opposed to using a website to see what is there. I think I would make the website more of a secondary thing and focus on the printed aspect more, making it as special and unique as possible.

 I have mentioned this on another blog post too (think it is a key influential shop).

I came across this bottle packaging in a supermarket and love how the decorative font has been used to illustrate the product essentially. I think I would like to try and make my shop quite illustrative, or if not illustrative then I would love the text to speak for itself in a way that it would have a double meaning and once you look closely an image could be seen. It is hard to explain at this point what I mean exactly but I am hoping this becomes more obvious throughout my development.

I really loved this Laura Ashley packaging as well and think that the illustration works really well here. It is also very closely linked to this project as it is related to the garden and nature. This is something I could certainly play on within my development.

I found this packaging in Boots and it made me instantly think of clinical, simplistic design. I think this is a style I could quite easily work with, however I am not sure whether it would be appropriate to answer this brief. I do like how the typography has been used on the lid and transformed in to a sticker which is applied to all of the different boxes as a more decorative way of representing the name of the product 'Fountain'. 

On the motorway, I was behind this vehicle which was obviously promoting Pimm's and gave me the idea to perhaps create a pop up shop as opposed to simply a static shop. This may be a bit more interesting and could work really well in terms of proposing what I would like it to look like, looking at existing pop up shops.

I love this packaging in Waitrose. I thought it was really clever how it had been used to contain as much information needed, but it was separated and organised in a way that looked neat and intriguing. This is something I could consider when designing my products.

These illustrations work really well to show all of the different ingredients inside this product. I could develop this idea and use it to create a set of illustrations which could be applied to different products. I think I will experiment with this idea, however it is something I have done before for past briefs and would like to challenge myself a bit more and create something a bit different. 

Although this is a really simple idea, I absolutely love how this small window has been created to give the customer an insight into what they are buying into. By simply taking the form of the side of the net it reflects exactly what it is inside. I would love to try and use this idea somehow and perhaps create packaging like this.

This is a diary which my mum bought recently. I thought it was appropriate as I have decided to focus on the Chateau de Versailles. The shapes of the garden have been used to create a faded background image on the inside pages. This is something I could attempt to create, however it would have to be extremely simplified as the gardens are so vast there.

I took a photograph of this packaging simply because I like the idea of taking a shape with a detailed edge and then applying the necessary text to it, without over complicating the design. I think the brief is asking me to create something which is essentially typographic and ideally I would like to use a font which I feel represents the garden really well and reflects the feel of the shop.

I like the illustration used here as it is so simple yet striking and effective. It actually reminds me of how an orange is separated up in to segments, as it has the same shape. This is an idea I could develop further.

By creating packaging which has illustrations in like this, I would be able to say a lot through using the imagery rather than having it all typed out. However, I think it should be more about the language and the way type is used to portray information. I want to try and achieve a successful design idea which can be applied to a variety of different mediums. Whether it be a logo that I can apply to a lot of different products, or whether I come up with or choose a suitable typeface which works well across the board.

I thought I would take a photograph of this product, as it relates to this brief if I decide to create a product which is presented in a jar. This is something I have never done before so I could look at different ways in which I could brand it. This works really well however I am not sure whether I would be able to print on to the lid in the same way, as this will have been produced using industrial machinery. I can however take influence and adapt it suitably.

In a similar way here type is used in a very decorative way, accompanied by a serif font. I think this works really well and it is something I am going to consider when designing. 

This packaging caught my eye as it is one way of focusing on typography whilst at the same time having a play around with images that would work to fill out the centre. I could perhaps try this but I don't think it is a very unique idea as I have seen it done several times before.

When I was at home in Ormskirk I took a photograph of one of the shops which is currently closed. At the moment in Ormskirk there is a scheme run by the locals called 'Love Ormskirk' and it is run by the lady I used to work for. She is concerned with how Ormskirk is becoming more and more behind with the times and wants to introduce new shops to the high street. Below these images demonstrate how pop up shops are advertised, and I am aware of a couple of shops which have reopened thanks to this scheme. Therefore providing me with primary research confirming the success of pop up shops in today's society.

I saw this Jo Malone display in a shop window the other day and thought it would be worthwhile to photograph, as it strongly links to this brief. I have noticed how they have brought out a new range of packaging which is black and white stripes, however it is still recognizable because they have applied the same layout to their labels and the containers remain the same. I love the simplicity of their labels and will definitely be taking inspiration from them for my work.

In Marks and Spencer I noticed some packaging for some orange drinks which I thought was quite appropriate. One has used type mainly to portray the product whilst the other one has photography on it as well. These are all possibilities I can consider.

I love the idea of creating a promotional leaflet which is in this format. This leaflet lists all of the different chocolates, however mine would obviously have different content. I love how the closure is really subtle but a bit different as well.I will definitely look at developing this idea for my project, or perhaps even just taking influence by creating a concertina. 

This is some of the paper I was given with one of my meals at All Bar One. I love the repetitive pattern and think if I could come up with something just as successful I would be satisfied.

Liz Earle products are also extremely inspiring to me as well. They are so clean and fresh looking and are most definitely inviting. Below is an image of what their perfume blotter looks like. I think I am likely to product a perfume of some sort or a concept of one and so I could perhaps take influence from this design.

Once again here, Jo Malone has applied the same principle with the lines around the edge of the page (the same as the lines on the perfume bottle) and it works really well. Simple yet sophisticated and functional.

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