Sunday, 15 December 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Print and Web (Initial Research)

I have started to research in to a few of the concepts I came up with today. I think it is important that I look in to everything I have proposed a bit further before writing my concrete brief which I will be using. I want to create a sensual experience for the visitors of the Chateau de Versailles and by doing this I will be able to create an almost magical and memorable experience in a shop environment.

I would like to produce the following products:

  • A website which proposes what the shop looks like inside (map format)
  • The shop could have the theme of 'botanical scents for the body and soul' and could be a health shop, with information about which mixtures of scented oils to buy in order to cure certain ailments
  • An A-Z book of some of the plants which are planted in the gardens, illustrated one page at a time
  • The book would be created using scratch and sniff technique to create a more interactive experience
  • I would also have perfume samples within the shop which would be exquisitely packaged and there would be scented paper samples with the typographical design printed on for the audience to take away as a complementary souvenir
  • I would also like to create stationary which would be bought inside the shop
  • I could design all of these products but instead of having a shop it could be something that the tourists receive when they arrive at the gardens, given to them in a bag for them to carry around
  • Or perhaps it could be given to them at the end of the day as a momentum as there is already a shop there
The following are useful links I can refer back to if I am in need of any extra research:

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