Tuesday, 3 December 2013

OUGD504 - Design Production: Design For Print (Final Crit)

Following on from our initial briefing with Phil we then started to prepare for our crit. We were split in to group A and group B. I am in group B, so this entailed going in to studio 2 and laying all of my work out in time for 11am. I placed all of my development out in order from start to finish and also supplied some additional annotations in note format so that everyone would be able to understand my concept. 

I had already written down some questions late last night when preparing for the crit today. A lot of it is just notes to myself but I thought it would be worthwhile to have a few notes to bring with me today. This helped a lot as we were asked to leave a few questions out on the table for people to respond to. 

Once we had set everything up we then left and the other group went in and left comments on our work. I came back to four different sets of feedback. I was happy with this as it gives me a lot to work with and the more comments the better. I feel as though all of the comments which were left for me had been thought out carefully and not rushed. 

The questions I left are as follows:

  • Should I use the photos off the website on my printed LGP mailshot?
  • Is this resolution enough to answer the brief?
  • Should I design a glossary of terms?
  • Should I provide clients with a sample pack?
I received the following answers. I have decided to break down the answers under the relevant questions I asked. This is so that I can organise the information and be able to refer back to it easily. It is obvious that not everyone answered the questions directly, however they did make other comments which are useful, I will label this clearly below.

Should I use the photos off the website on my printed LGP mailshot?

Feedback no 1.

I am not sure whether using images from the website would totally fit the sustainable look you are going for or maybe you could change them so they are illustrative rather than photographic.

Feedback no 2.

I personally don't think that the images from the site fit with the tone of voice you are using for the content. I think that they will be redundant.

Feedback no 3.

I think that using the photos might over crowd the design - the minimal aesthetic (especially because design is straight on to stock) it would contrast heavily with a full colour stock photo.

Is this resolution enough to answer the brief?

Feedback no 1.

It is enough to answer the brief.

Feedback no 2.

I do believe that the resolution is enough to answer the brief.

Should I design a glossary of terms?

Feedback no 1.

A glossary is probably not needed.

Feedback no 2.

The idea of a glossary is not needed as people going to LGP will have some understanding of print. Although if you are aiming it at potential clients it would be useful, it all depends on who the target audience is.

Should I provide the clients with a sample pack?

Feedback no 1.

I think a sample pack would be useful for potential clients so that they can interact with examples to decide if they want to go with LGP.

Feedback no 2.

A sample pack would be costly but might help to show the availability of LGP. Using different stocks within the concertina might have the same effect as a sample book but is it realistic in terms of mass production?

Additional Comments

- Some purely aesthetic finishing technique (eg. spot varnish or embossing) might help break up the text based design for the audience - consider appropriateness - maybe something for the titles or a finishing technique in relation to the colour?

- Overall I think the development has been necessary and I can't wait to see the finished outcome.

- The interactive mailshot looks impressive and different because it doesn't need many images to be eye catching.

Lorraine's Comment

Lorraine came and spoke to me briefly at the end of the crit when I was collecting all of my work to put it all away, and she had also left me some written feedback too. The things she mentioned to me are all things I am considering anyway and things that will be resolved before printing the final resolution, however for the time being I had created the prototypes the way they are to have something final to show for today. The comments I received are as follows:

  • Standardise whether or not LGP is capitalised throughout your text (it should be, unless the branding says otherwise)
This is something I need to actually ask LGP about because their website differs.
  • A few erroneous spaces on concertina document
This is something I am aware of, I was just unsure about my InDesign settings, but have now realised that it can be simply resolved by creating a separate text box.
  • Capitalisation of programme names (InDesign etc)
  • In the environment and print section is it 'iso' or 'ISO'

Personal Review

I personally felt as though today was a success. During the crit I was able to speak to Lorraine and receive feedback off her as well as my peers. I was also able to talk to Phil who seemed happy with the amount of development I had to show. I was also told by Lorraine that they expect people to be up to where I am with my progress, so this instantly made me feel positive about my work. Overall the feedback that I received was extremely helpful and succinct. I will take everything in to consideration when I come to editing my work further and make further amendments to it. I am happy with the work I have produced and look forward to experimenting further and applying all of the above comments where necessary.

Things I need to do:

Now that I have received the necessary feedback to enable me to move forwards, I am able to write a plan of action and organise what needs to be completed in time for me to print my final resolution and hand in this module.

  • Experiment with applying the photography to my leaflet in a variety of ways, perhaps trimming them down and only using certain sections of them.
  • Look at using illustrations and perhaps apply a couple more to my work if they compliment the design.
  • Look in to the sample pack a bit more and if I decide against creating one - explain why and demonstrate my choices through using prototypes of belly bands perhaps or the idea of using photography to show case work. Explain how this is an issue however, because specific samples are limited and LGP won't have a large quantity of all of them, therefore providing clients with this imagery is giving them false hope if they are not able to view it in person.
  • Look at the possibility of being able to finish each section of the concertina in the same way as the business card.
  • Experiment with embossing if I feel it is necessary - If not, then show why.
  • Take in to consideration all of Lorraine's comments and made amendments.

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