Sunday, 1 December 2013

OUGD504: Design Production - Design For Print (Mail Out Idea)

When making decisions about the leaflet for LGP I considered creating a pack which potential clients would receive in the post to be able to have first hand access to some of the different processes and finishes they have at LGP. I contacted Phil (Creative Director) and asked him whether it would be possible for me to collect some samples of their work. I was unsure whether or not they would have any for me, but it turned out that they had a lot for me to choose from.

Below are just a few of the samples I was given. I came home with a wide selection of printed work, all of varying sizes, finishes, print processes, binding methods and so on. Initially, before I had visited LGP again to collect these samples, I imagined them to be a lot smaller. However once I could look closely at them in person I came to realise that it wouldn't be practical to send out a pack in the mail to potential clients, as it wouldn't be cost effective.

A lot of the samples are either too big to post, but perhaps not very heavy, whilst the rest of them contain a lot of information and would add a huge postal cost on, which is unnecessary. I also thought that if the client did want to receive a sample, they would probably only want to see a couple in particular, which is why it is best left the way it is, so that they can come in and visit to see the samples themselves whilst having a consultation about their print job.

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