Tuesday, 10 December 2013

OUGD503 Responsive - Design Process 2: Ossett Town A.F.C (Commissioned Work Development)

10th December 2013

Today I was approached by a friend of mine who asked me to design a flyer for Ossett Town football club who he is currently doing some work for. I worked out a quote for him and he got back to me straight away, said that would be fine and he gave me an email with further details on it regarding what needs to be on the design. 

He also attached a draft with all of the information which needed to be on the flyer, shown below. This has made it a lot easier for me to understand what it is exactly that they are wanting. It doesn't need to be over complicated, just clear, concise and to the point. 

I was also supplied with this photograph to use on the flyer. As it needs to be double sided I think I will place this on the reverse side. This is quite a straight forward piece of work and I don't think it is going to take me very long which is a change for me because I usually spent quite a considerable amount of time on a brief when more is required of me. 

I started off my developmental process by placing the front and back pages facing each other so that I could get everything aligned properly. I am quite happy with this layout so far as it is clean and says what it needs to. 

I have since added in more text to try and balance it out a bit more and think it works really well. Leaving room on the back for the contact details.

This is the final flyer design which I am happy with. I have added contact details in and the logo on the reverse as well. 

Just as an experiment I placed an illustration of a football in the background of the front of the flyer, reducing the opacity so it isn't as striking and think this works really well. I am hoping that Alex is happy with the outcome and then it can be sent to be printed.

17th December 2013

Thankfully, when I sent the design over he was happy with it and didn't want any changes making. This allowed me to send over the invoice straight away and get the PDF sent to him ready for him to pass on to Ossett Town and then to the printers from there.


Overall, this brief has taken no time at all to complete and it has been a good change for me to experience what it is like to get something done in a day and get an invoice sent a week later. I'm aware that it won't be too often that this happens as the client is usually not happy the first time round! I'm hoping that now that I have completed work for Ossett Town, they may use my services again, and in the near future Alex has told me that he may need some business cards designing for himself, so it has opened up lots of opportunities for me.

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