Tuesday, 19 February 2013

OUGD406 - Design Is About Doing: Evidence of Submission

Here is the evidence to prove my submission to the Secret 7" competition. Overall I am happy with the outcome of my design and find it exciting that I am involved in a competition which many other professionals are competing in too. This gives me a good opportunity to be recognised for my work and I am content with being able to say that I have been involved in such a huge competition which is all for a good cause.
My aim with this piece was to produce something thought provoking and not instantly obvious by tackling the subject matter of Jessie Ware's song 'Still Love Me'. The major challenge I had found in this was to try and create a message of confusion yet at the same time attempting to balance it with Jessie's minimalistic style. With the simplistic use of overlapping lines to represent crossed wires and drawing the focus of the image to something people would commonly associate with love I believe I was able to achieve such balance.

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