Tuesday, 19 February 2013

OUGD406 - Design Is About Doing: Changes After Crit

I have documented the changes I was planning on making on my PPP blog. Below are all of the changes that were suggested to me. Having made these changes however I have since decided that the most successful ones are the ones without the red in them. This is because I feel as though they lose quality and look less professional.

Here I have changed erased the lines from the inside of the tuxedo shape and added the heart shape in to add more impact. I quite like this idea and don't mind the use of red as much as other designs because it is subtle and the shape is fairly small.

Here I have quite simply altered the colour of the heart in the centre. Whether it is the shade of red I have chosen I am not too sure, but I am not happy with the outcome as it looks quite garish and unprofessional.

Here I have changed the colours of the lines to try and break the background up a bit, but I feel as though it makes it look busier if anything. I have once again used the tuxedo design with the heart addition as I feel it is more successful without the lines on the inside of the shape.

The changes I have made to this design are much less obvious. I have simply altered the colours of some of the lines in the background, but consequently don't like the outcome of it as it doesn't really add anything special to the design, if anything it just makes it more complicated.

I am pleased that I have been able to make the changes to my designs as I have been able to observe the outcomes and make judgements about which ones look most successful and why. As a result I have been able to make a decision that the black and white heart design is my preferred design and I will be submitting this online for the Jessie Ware Secret 7 competition.

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