Thursday, 28 February 2013

OUGD406 - Communication Is A Virus: Risk Assessment

Today Harrison and I decided to sort out the risk assessment and finalise everything so that we were able to go ahead with our tea stand. We spoke to the buildings people and asked them what we needed to do. Below is a photograph of the original floor plan Sarah drew and gave to them. He said it needed to be drawn out again to make it clearer and also said that we would have to consider a few more things and indicate them on the updated version. I therefore decided that I would draw it on Illustrator and this enabled me to produce a clear copy which would be able to handed in and checked in time.

Simon kindly gave me the document with the floor plan on which is supplied to the tutors in the college. I tried using this to create the floor plan but thought it would actually be too complicated to illustrate where exactly everything would be, which is why I used my original drawing above.

Harrison filled in the risk assessment form and emailed them back to them so that they could check everything was alright before giving us the go ahead. I feel as though we worked well together to get this done and it only took an hour or so until it was all complete.

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