Thursday, 21 February 2013

OUGD405 - Adobe InDesign Workshop 3

When I was given this brief I was assigned the Rhino to research. I visited South Lakes Zoo in the Lake District at the weekend and took several photographs to work with which are shown below.

Possible information I could use for my publication is shown below. This information is about the Sumatran Rhino in particular and the Rhino conservation in Way Kambas National Park, Sumatra. If I am able to use this article I will do, if not then I will reword it. Some illustrations to show the money involved could also be included and I could maybe illustrate the Rhino's environment.

We started the session by setting up our new document page to enable us to start our design work to fulfil the inDesign brief we have been given. 

A more accurate way of setting up the document is by creating two separate pages to work on. Once we had opened the document the pages don't actually face each other. We have to click on create new page to create a double page spread.

This is what the document should look like now.

Below are the print options I will need to consider when it comes to printing my publication.

Another alternative way of setting up a non facing page two page document...

When inserting an image we need to consider resolution and image size. The images I have taken of rhinos are all high enough resolution meaning I don't have to alter this on photoshop. I did this purposely so that I wouldn't have to collect images from Google.

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