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OUGD406 - Communication Is A Virus: Development

We started this brief by having a group meeting and coming up with as many ideas as possible. I found this really useful and Sarah and I were able to come up with quite a few varying ideas which could possibly work out. Not all of the group were there at this point which meant that we had to just write down all of the different proposals and then decide which would be most appropriate and most successful.
This is a continuation of our ideas. I find it useful to document ideas in this way so that they are all displayed on the page and I can makes linear links when new ideas arise. Lots of the ideas so far could be really successful but I don't feel as though we have come up with one which is completely suitable for the brief.

Beth and I then researched further to explore different ways to categorise tea. With the idea in mind that we would create different paper cups with varying flavours to suit family members we thought about branching out further to see what other ideas we could come up with. Beth had the idea of looking at bracelets found in Topshop which are simple string bracelets with a symbol on them to represent different things. We went on the website and came across them to find that each bracelet represented either earth, water, air or fire. With these elements came the different characteristics too and this added a comical aspect to the idea. We also explored the idea of using a mood ring concept. We thought it would be interesting to create some sort of indicator which would help the consumer decide which cup of tea to have. We would have to create something similar to a mood ring which would be heat responsive and would change colour due to the steam while the kettle is boiling. Although this is quite inventive it would be hard to successfully create something which would work well and may be going off topic a bit in terms of making tea viral.

We then settled on a main concept relating to Red Nose Day. We thought we would look at the celebrities involved and use this within our design. With this in mind we have to encourage the drinking of tea, so perhaps we could use them as a way of promoting the tea.
Below are some of my initial drawings I competed when I thought we were going to create cups of tea relating to each member of the family. I have annotated each of the designs to explain what they all show. Many of them are self explanatory but I was just experimenting with the different shapes of cups as well as the labels on them. I thought it was important to focus on this and not get too carried away and make it too complicated because they all would need to be easily replicable. I feel as though my most successful and relevant designs were the tea bag mugs which were identicle apart from the sizes as this is a subtle way to indicate which member of the family it is for without having to make it obviously different.

I enjoyed designing the different cups as I love to create three dimensional things. This would have been very much up my street and I was quite excited about this concept. However it wouldn't have been enough to last us as a group for a three week brief as there wouldn't have been a large enough workload.

Below are some illustrations for our final concept. I was assigned the role of researching cups and designing one for our event. I thought it would be necessary to therefore draw some initial ideas which I could propose to the rest of the group when we next meet up and get a majority vote on the most successful design.

Harrison and I looked online at various typefaces which we could potentially use for this brief. It needed to be bold and striking and also fit in with the existing typeface which is used for Comic Relief. We decided on the two below. Cubano will be used for header text and Edmondsans will be used for body copy.

Below are the variations of our logo which Harrison created. He sent it to me so that I could apply it to my cup designs. Before settling on this final design Harrison and I discussed whether or not the stain surrounding 'Charitea' was necessary. I said it was because it gave it a unique touch and accentuated the circular logo.


I applied the logo to different designs for the bottom of the cups. I thought it would be worthwhile have some text on the bottom to indicate how much each individual will have raised for charity. I tried it with the actual logo too, but I think the simple designs along the top are most appropriate. Also works best with white on a red background.

Below are some of the bellyband designs once developed digitally. I think they need to be as simple as possible and not detract from the actual meaning behind the event. I therefore simply applied the nose as a closure and the logo in the centre.

I think the solid red background works quite well to make the logo stand out, here I have also tried the flavour of the tea on the edge of the band too, to make it informative as well as decorative.

Below are the character designs which Sarah completed. They represent Jessie J, Keith Lemon, Mary Berry and Fearne Cotton. I think they are really well done and they are easily recognisable. Jessie J stands out from the rest with her black hair, but I think this is a positive as she will be shaving her hair off for Comic Relief so it is important that she is recognised for what she is doing.

Having realised that the bellybands were the wrong way up I altered this and continued to make more designs. I added the faces to the bellyband to see what effect this would have. However I don't think it is necessary, especially if we are going to make our own teabags which will be personalised by stitching each of the individual faces on in coordination with certain flavours of tea.

Below are the stickers which we received from the Comic Relief fundraising pack. I think they are all really strong designs and hope that we manage to design some which are just as striking and captivating.

I experimented with the balloons in the pack. I took one and blew it up, then tried to make my own ribbon which would allow us to customise the balloons on the day, rather than simply having them say 'Red Nose Day'. I tried it with paper at home, and unfortunately because I only have an A4 printed they weren't long enough to curl with scissors which is why I left them in the photograph below just hanging in straight lines. I don't think we will end up using this idea on the day of the tea selling, however it was worth the try and I quite enjoyed experimenting with it to see how what the outcome would be.

When I experimented with the sticker on the bottom of the cup it confirmed to me that I had made the right decision. I think it is a quirky way of sending a message out to an audience without it being obvious. The dashed white line also breaks the design up well, giving it a light hearted and fun feel to it.

Sarah designed the characters below and I decided to try and make them into tea bag designs before printing them out. Using guide lines and rulers I tried a pointed top to the bag as well as the second one along which looks more like a standard teabag.

I then tried a simple rectangular addition to the top of each tea bag to see what effect this would have. I tried various colours too and placed white circles where the hole would be placed for the string to hang through. However, when we actually print them off this won't be necessary to have because we will simply be piercing a hole through each one to reduce the amount of time it will take to finish each one. I prefer the one with the flat top as it looks most like a teabag.

We had a look to see what the teabag would look like attached to the paper with the flavour on. Sarah had the idea of securing it by taping or stapling it to the top of the bag, as shown below.

This is what it would look like if we did it this way. However, once the cup is full of boiling water, the teabag may fall in deeper along with the paper which defeats the point of being able to read the flavour and look at the illustration. We therefore decided that we would stitch each teabag to string on one end and attach the flavour to the other end, so that it would hang out like a standard teabag design. This is much more practical, although it will be a lot more time consuming.

I decided to draw out some results tables on InDesign. I firstly drew it so that there was a column for each flavour on the page whereby we could make a tally chart to record all of the results.

Although it isn't greatly important what the results table looks like, I wanted it to be as functional as possible. This is why I separated each of the columns up, and instead had individual boxes for each person so that we could simply record by drawing a red dot in each space when a flavour is sold. This would be the easiest way to count the recordings at the end but it will also represent a red nose too.

An email was sent out to the college to make people aware of our tea sale stand. Hopefully this will bring more people to the graphic design area, as it isn't often used as a route to get somewhere else, with it being on the opposite side of the college.

Below are some of the belly band designs I created. Considering where to put 'caution hot' on it mainly and whether to have it printed in black or white. Often it is only clear when they are printed out, so when we decide as a group we will be able to see, especially when we consider stock too.
I asked for one of the belly bands from the cafe so that I could see what information they had on them. I found this helpful as it allowed me to see if I had missed anything out.

I decided to design a box to collect all of the money in, so below are a variety of my designs. I will ask the group which one they think and then print it in time for the event.

The stickers were created with two layers, one with the design on, and one with the path for the laser cutter to follow. I am really pleased with the outcome and I am excited for everything to be printed now.


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