Tuesday, 20 November 2012

OUGD404 - Visual Literacy: Language of Graphic Design

At the beginning of our session we put all of our typography work up on the wall and spoke about readability.

All on one line would make it more readable

Distance affects readability and legibility

Making it more readable isn't just scaling it up

For a script font you have to reduce the amount of words

They are less readable when they are enlarged

The line length impacts on the readability of a font

The more lines the harder it is to read

Whenever we print something out it is better to look at them from a distance

Roman fonts are designed for body copy

Block fonts work better larger scale

"Type is speech made visible"

We then had a presentation on the anatomy of type part 5 (type as image) and we were asked to get out all of our letterforms we had collected for...

  • Gothic
  • Script
  • Bold
  • Roman
We used some of our letterforms to draw a variety of versions of each. We were asked to change the counter size, the thickness of the stem and to draw our letters out in fine, regular and bold. I drew all of mine out in pencil and will go over each letter and fill it with black before the next session.

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