Saturday, 17 May 2014

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Studio Brief 2 (Final Development)

Thankfully, as I was able to get the remainder of my work to Flexipress to be printed, I have been fortunate enough to be able to produce the further development of my brief as opposed to simply proposing it. I decided to design the swimming safety flash cards the same size as the road safety flash cards to keep consistency across the range. I also sent a second file to Flexipress of all of the flash cards reduced in size to place at the end of a lanyard. 

Below is all of my final development, cutting all of my work out and completing my range of products. I used my laminator to laminate all of the flash cards as I thought this would be appropriate, seeing as the materials would be used before going swimming and so they need to remain a high quality and don't get damaged. 

During the final crit, I took all of my black wheels along with me which I had bought on impulse over the Easter break. Initially, I had planned to attach the wheels to the keyrings, but when they arrived I realised that they were probably too big for this. I received some feedback from James who suggested that I should create some spinning tops. This suggestion was absolutely perfect! I went down to woodwork and asked the man (who made my box as well as other things in the past), for some wooden strips but took me through to the other workshop and handed me over to a lady who showed me metal rod alternatives. In the end she found some small strips of metal which I could feed through the centre of each wheel. All I had to do was attach it with some strong glue. With more consideration, I decided to create one red, amber and green example. 

I am really pleased with this addition to my collection of products as the idea of including spinning tops works perfectly well for autistic children, as they absolutely love wheels on cars purely for the fact that they can spin them round and round. 

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