Monday, 19 May 2014

OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Reflection of Work

Initially, when I designed my work for both studio brief 1 and 2, I had it in mind that my target audience and area of distribution would be in Waterstones. However, now that I have had my stall at Waterstones, I have had time to develop my idea further and include all of the swimming safety materials. So this has helped me to come to the conclusion that instead of being sold in Waterstones, all of the products would be distributed as a government awareness scheme (not for profit) and so it would have to be reproduced as cheaply and as easily as possible. This has had a considerable impact on a lot of the decisions I have made along the way, printing being the main subject.

If I had designed these products for a high end market who required life long materials then I would have had to consider foiling and other methods of finishing. However, due to the fact that it has been designed to be mass produced, it is important that I keep it all as simple as possible and not over complicate matters. This is why I used Flexipress printers for all of my work as I wanted a consistent print job which is reasonably priced and doesn't involve any extra costs afterwards. I am really pleased I made this decision, as it was expensive enough to purchase all of the little extras, for example the buckles, the webbing and the keyrings to name a few. 

As my brief developed into a not for profit range of products distributed by the government, I decided that I would tie all of the materials together using a consistent theme. I thought that it would be relevant for me to have some sort of file to use for the swimming safety sheets. This would also be used to provide the recipient with room to store all of the items and keep them all together. 

The idea now is that all of the products would be distributed to schools and rest bite care and they would be given all of the materials to then pass on to the children and their parents or carers to use at home as well. 

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