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OUGD505 - Design Practice 2: Studio Brief 1 and 2 (Whole Collection Summary)

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The keyring was designed to distribute at the book stall I had at Waterstones. It is related to road safety as it is to be attached to car keys to raise road safety awareness. The design of it is really simplistic so that it fits in with the rest of the branded materials. I also didn't want to overcomplicate the design as this wouldn't be well suited to autistic children as they would experience sensory overload.

Road Safety Flash Cards

The road safety flash cards are quite self explanatory. They have been designed to be used by autistic children to help them understand the rules of the road. To keep all of the flash cards together, a red band has been used with a buckle on it to represent a seat belt. This is to get the children used to fastening their seat belts when they get in a car.

Swimming Safety Flash Cards

The swimming safety flash cards are to be used prior to going swimming. The idea of them is for parents or teachers to give them to their children or pupils to educate them about what they should and shouldn't do when they go swimming. Both sets of flash cards are only starter sets and so they would be extended given the time.

Swimming Safety Lanyard

I also developed the flash cards and printed them out at a smaller scale to attach them to the end of a lanyard. I laminated both the full sized flash cards and the miniature ones to protect them and keep them clean. Once again, the red webbing and buckle has been used to maintain consistency across the whole range of products.


The poster was designed for the Waterstones stall. I wanted to inform my audience about the cost of the products which were for sale on the night. I also wanted to try and make it clear what it was that I had produced.

Autism Publication

The publication was produced for studio brief 1, but it is also relevant to be used for studio brief 2 as well. I have therefore incorporated it into the second brief as well. The glasses were bought to allow the recipient of the publication to understand what it feels like to experience sensory overload. It is more about the concept of the glasses than them being scientifically accurate, as the professional glasses which are available are much more expensive.

Red Folder

I bought the red folder to demonstrate the way in which the products would be distributed to the children. I have decided that all of the products are provided by the government and they are not for profit products. They would be distributed to schools and rest bite care to then give to the children for them to use at home with their parents or on their own. Inside the folder there are several colour separators which would be for each range of products, for example the blue separator would be used for all of the swimming safety materials.

Coloured Pencils

The coloured pencils are just an additional part of the branding. They have been secured together using the red webbing to once again maintain consistency. The pencils would be for the children to use to fill in their swimming experience forms after they have been swimming.


The rubber is self explanatory, it is simply to demonstrate the breadth to which the range could stretch to. It could be distributed in shops as well to raise awareness, in places like WHSmith.

Spinning Top

The spinning tops are an ideal way of interacting with autistic children and getting them to engage with a product. This toy will help them to get used to red, amber and green and it will also enable them to have some fun with the products which will make the collection memorable. 

Air Freshener

The air freshener is another way of extending the range of products. I actually bought an air freshener and cut it up so that I could glue a strip in between the card with the traffic lights and text on. I wanted it to be as realistic as possible and not just a proposal. 

Sensory Flash Card

I experimented with creating a sensory flash card. This would be produced a bit more professionally if it was to be mass produced in shops or distributed from schools or rest bite care to the child's home. I am really pleased with the outcome of this design and think the corrugated paper works well to add another sensory dimension to it, giving the same impression as a seat belt texture.

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