Saturday, 8 December 2012

OUGD405 - How to: Extended Personal Work

Having worked in a group for the 'How to' brief I felt as though it would be beneficial for me to complete some extra work. Since our presentation I thought it would be useful to create some stickers which could be used to distribute the message and help deceive people. Rather than simply relying on our flyers and posters. This is a more direct way of including people in the 'event' and would probably allow us to welcome more responses from around the college.
Below is the grid and the final layout of the stickers with the lomography camera on. I decided to make it simple and although it doesn't state what the competition is about it will prompt conversations and make people ask about it if people have them stuck on their laptops, on themselves, or perhaps their bags.
I made sure that they were designed at a reasonable size as it is something that needs to make a statement and not get lost easily. If it is too big however, people will feel less inclined to have it on show for people to see.
Below I have kept the four columns but used the face instead. Once again with no text, to prompt conversation. I also think it is quite an interesting design which will continue to make people question what the meaning behind it is.

Once again they are the same size as the previous ones and are suitable for visually capturing people's attention. I think both of the designs so far could be used, and a variety of stickers would perhaps ensure greater interest, as they will reach a wider audience.
Below I have made a very simple design with text alone. This to me would be very successful in instantly informing people, as hopefully they will have seen the posters and flyers distributed around the college and they will recognise the logo because of this.
I added a few more to this layout as there was space to do so. I experimented with size and made this one A5 to just have a variety of sizes to see which is more successful and suitable for the job.

Having aligned all of the stickers and prepared them, I was then able to print them on high quality sticker paper to have a hard copy of the result too. I was really pleased with the quality of the print and kept the first two designs A4 size, whilst the final design was A5. I think that both dimensions work well and if we were to distribute them as well prior to now, they could have been printed in both sizes to give a variety and a choice for people to make their own decision about which they would like.
Stickers are often visible on people's belongings so I personally feel that this would have been a positive addition to our work, in hindsight. They are cheap to produce and could even be separated by simply using the guilletine rather than using the lazer cutter to individually cut out each one. As the shape of the sticker isn't really that important in this instance. 

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