Tuesday, 11 December 2012

OUGD404 - Design Principles: Accent studio session

For the first half of today's session we looked at the accents we had all collected. We had to put them out in front of us in a pile and move round the room to arrange other piles into the specific accent groups. The point of this exercise was to see how easily recognisable and distinguishable the accents were when we had given each one a specific typeface.
We then had to choose the three which we felt we had successfully completed as a whole. After this we went round the class and spoke about it whilst giving feedback and it actually turned out that we hadn't done as well as we had thought. As a class we all struggled with the accents from the UK because it was harder to identify specific fonts for them. Whereas with foreign countries there are stereotypical typefaces which we could use to successfully portray their accent.

We then moved back to our original seats and put our own work into piles to see how well the other group had identified our fonts. I found this exercise interesting as well as challenging, and it was interesting to see what everyone perceived to be correct to illustrate specific accents. Sometimes there were completely different choices made, this shows that a lot of the time it is down to personal interpretation and often how the phrase is said outloud or in your head whilst completing the exercise. A calm tone compared to an angry tone would be very far apart from each other in terms of the way it is written down for example.

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