Thursday, 4 October 2012

OUGD403 - Alphabet Soup: Visual Thinking

Having researched my word 'pop' I thought it would make sense for me to start developing some ideas of my own. I chose Hobo Std as my font as it is bubble like and appropriate for this brief. I like the idea of incorporating the dots from pop art within my designs so here I have experimented with this concept digitally. The example below was another of my initial thoughts when I started to design. I black background with white detail works really well and allows the bubbles to stand out, however I'm not sure whether I would use this idea for my final outcomes.

I had a lot of ideas to put down on paper and find it helpful to be able to have a list of criteria or initial ideas to refer back to when designing. I feel that through trying out all of my ideas I will be able to answer all of the unanswered questions when I am sure about which is most successful.

Below are some of my initial thoughts roughly drawn out. Combining everything I have researched I thought I would try and make the balloon look like it was popping. I tried this by using dots to illustrate an explosion almost but I don't think it is obvious enough that I am trying to portray the word 'pop'. I then looked at popcorn and how this could be used effectively to illustrate the word, then the idea of potentially using balloons and bubbles.

Here I have experimented with using balloons to actually form the letter. I think it is quite effective but isn't substantial enough and there is not enough thought behind the idea.

For me to make sure that my designs are precise and accurately form my chosen font I am going to use my light box and print each letter off 10cmx10cm and use them as a guide with another piece of paper to work on over the top of it. 

I have also decided that I will use the first ten letters of the alphabet to make sure my idea is successful and applicable to a range of letterforms.

Below shows an experimentation with bubbles and the idea of demonstrating pop art at the same time. I thought it may be a good idea for me to try and show the bubble popping and I did this by drawing water droplets emerging from the bubble at the top.

This idea is very similar to my previous one however I have used popcorn instead and have added expression marks in the style of pop art. I think this makes a huge difference as it emphasises the word even more.

By dividing the word I thought I might be able to accentuate the idea of popping, however I feel that this looks more like it is breaking in half and it doesn't really give much of an added effect. Although I do prefer the popcorn along one side of the letter rather as it looks more effective and draws attention to it more so than if it were to be scattered.

By critically analysing my work as I've gone, it has helped me to become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each design. This has helped me as I have been able to combine all of the strengths and including them in the design below which I am much happier with.

I felt that some of the popcorn wasn't shaped very well so I try to alter this on the design below and feel that it works better.

By referring back to one of my initial ideas of using balloons I have been able to produce this design. I wanted to see whether it would work for me to use a variety of patterns within each balloon however I feel as though they have started to look more like easter eggs.

I quite like the idea of having the actual pop art dots as a focal point in my design, which is why I have developed this idea. I think the dots are almost too bold though and it takes emphasis away from the letterform which is just as important, if not more.

Having drawn freehand fine dots on most of my ideas I feel that it is important for me to evaluate them before progressing with my work. As effective as they may be I feel that they could most certainly be enhanced if they were bolder and more prominent. Out of all of my ideas I prefer the popcorn the most as I feel it is most visually effective and suitably reflective of my word 'pop'.

I made sure that this letter 'A' was adapted in all of the appropriate ways to make sure I was happy with it. By tracing the dots to ensure they were perfectly spaced and of a similar size I was able to make the letter appear bolder. Instantly this made such a dramatic effect on my work as it not only made the letter clearer but it also makes the popcorn look like it is actually popping out of the letter!

As I am unsure at this stage whether to use popcorn alone or include another element to my work I thought it would be worthwhile to try my letter 'B' out by using bubbles and fine dots again. This has allowed me to consider how effective it is alongside the bold letter 'A', and also whether the bubbles are necessary or whether it just makes it look a bit out of place. 

After having a think and considering my options I think the 'A' is much more powerful and it would make sense to apply the bold dots to each design rather than including a weaker design for the sake of mixing it up a bit.

Already it is much more apparent that the bolder 'B' has much more of an impact. As a result, I am going to continue to complete the rest of my letters in this style and will also continue to use a fine liner as it works really well to produce crisp, pop art styled designs.

I am happy with the outcome of these designs and feel as though they would work well as a full alphabet. The style of this work is very different to things I would normally produce but I feel that this is another strength as it shows I am able to work in a variety of styles.

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