Friday, 21 September 2012

OUGD403 - How to get to know people in first year of Graphic Design?

Today we were asked to write down as many problems we may have experienced already since living in Leeds. We then chose ten from our list and highlighted the main problems. We then passed the paper on to the next group for the next stage of the task. We received our group's list and had to rewrite the chosen three to become questions. From this we then put all of our questions in a box and each group was given a different one. Ours being 'How to get to know people in first year of Graphic Design?'

We then had to use this question as a prompt for our brief. We were asked to produce a piece of work ready to present to the rest of the class and so our group decided to create an event using the idea of speed dating, however adapting it to become a way of making friends instead.

During our group work I proposed the idea of using the name 'UMEGD' as I thought it would be quite appropriate and slightly quirky, following the same principle behind all of our module names for example OUGD402. I came up with some quick ideas in preparation for our next session.

During our next session we shared the work we had produced and another member of our group had designed some name ideas too which would form the front of our leaflet we are going to design in order to advertise our event.

All of these ideas were just rough and still needed to be polished. We had to think about the writing needed on the front and back of the leaflet and the design which we felt would be most appropriate. We split up and made two groups of three to design the front and the back. We came to the conclusion that going with a monochrome theme with a possible introduction of colour would be most successful. As a group we all loved the idea of using dots to separate text and to keep it as crisp and concise as possible. Therefore the Fabien Barral research proved to be helpful when we started to design on the computer as his style of work relates closely to our desired outcome.

Below shows the development/screenshots of the front of our leaflet.

Once we were happy with the overall design in black and white and the positioning of all of the text we decided to experiment with colour slightly. It obviously needs to be suitable for both genders and not overcomplicated.

Having experimented with colour we all agreed that the grey and black or black alone worked best. We wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

 We all felt happy with the design and the logo but felt that it needed something else to bring it to life and give the design a bit more depth. So we designed the swirl pattern on Illustrator and applied it to our original concept. We experimented with positioning until we were satisfied and then added a black border to finish it off.

As an additional element to our work we thought about designing a badge which could potentially be handed out to everyone involved in the event so that people could get to know each other easily and to avoid any awkward moments of having to ask people their names.

As a group we thought about a drinking game to encourage students to come along to our event. Rather than making our own game with our own rules we thought it would be more interactive for each individual student to cooperate in the game by introducing a new rule on arrival to our event. This would not only be fun but would also mean that everyone could get to know each other through the rules that are chosen by each person.

Within our group we carried out continual research and another member of our group had an idea of combining friendship bracelets with the badge design. Below are some of the ideas.

Some further development was made on our leaflet design but we have decided to keep our original design as it works best. 

Taking into consideration the idea of having a friendship bracelet, we all came together and had a chat and decided that it may be more useful, practical and easier to reproduce if we made bracelets which were more like a band which we could all write our own details on and pass on to people during the event so that if friends are made they can keep in touch. We are still however going to have the friendship bracelets as an additional accessory too.

We have decided to make a student pack to hand out and rather than having everything on one leaflet we have separated information and designed a slip to be included separately with tips and questions on.

We completed everything in the morning before our presentation in the afternoon. This involved experimenting with friendship bracelets and attempting to make a few examples.

 Below shows an example of our poster design and what it would look like if we were to advertise within the studio.

This is a collection of all of our final pieces of work together and ready to present. The friendship bracelets are just samples which is why they aren't finished off.

Here is an example of our friendship tag. We have combined the idea of using the bracelet which I made and looping it through a hole in the tag. Obviously people would collect a lot of tags and it may not be practical to keep them all on, therefore it has been designed so that the tag can be ripped off and the bracelet can remain around the wrist.

We had a t-shirt made with our design applied to the front and 'shot master' on the back for the referees to wear.

Here is what the tag would look like if worn by the students.

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