Thursday, 20 February 2014

OUGD503 Responsive: Design Process 2: Champneys (Logo Development)

To help me to understand what products we are going to design for Hush Home Spa, I decided to write out some ideas. I thought about how a room spray could be made, as this is something that Champneys haven't currently got in their spa and something which I could imagine being quite successful. Although i don't know whether 16-25 year old's would use it unless they have their own home. I have also considered the possibility of creating diffusers, scented drawer liners, a pamper kit, a couples kit and other products such as bath oil and body scrub. I think this will become clear once we have visited Champneys. 

Below are some of my initial ideas for Hush. I have experimented with the idea of using a droplet in a lot of the ideas and then I have also experimented with really simple and minimal logos. I found it hard getting an idea of what they would look like in digital format but I think as soon as I start designing digitally it will all become clear. 

Although the colours aren't very accurate on here, below are some of the digital versions I created, leading up to the final design. I am not particularly happy with any of them in particular, however I think they have potential to be altered slightly for the final design. 

Below is the final logo design. I am really pleased with it and so is my partner. As I was playing around so much with the curve I thought it would be good if I could somehow incorporate it in with the typography as well. I think this works a lot better than the previous droplet ideas and it looks much more professional. 

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