Thursday, 13 February 2014

OUGD503 - Design Process 2: Collaborative Practice Studio Session 2 (Contact with Champneys)

When today's studio session with Fred came to an end Issy and I decided to try and organise a visit to Champneys day spa in Bath as it is the most accessible for us both. I had the responsibility to contact them on the phone and ask them about their treatments to find out the best way in which we should book them in advance. Issy and I then discussed it a little bit more and I then made a second phone call confirming our treatments and our visit. Before we visit we are probably going to email them to see if it is possible to ask them questions on the day. After we have visited the day spa, the plan is to then contact Champneys directly to gather further primary research, as we will be able to say at that stage that we have already been. 

Now that we have arranged when we are visiting (Saturday 22nd February) we will be able to plan what we would like to achieve in terms of information for us to bring away and work with. We are going to continue to work on this brief next week and have listed on our time plan (shown on context blog) what we need to complete. 

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