Thursday, 2 May 2013

OUGD406 - Speaking From Experience: Final Products

Below are the images of my final designs, printed and ready to be distributed to the students. I am really pleased with the outcome of them all. I feel as though it has taken me a lot of time in terms of trial and error when printing and checking things are aligned, but I have finally reached the point that I wanted to reach. 

I created two of everything to show how easy it is to reproduce which is something that is important in the industry. If I had had all of the most efficient equipment to help me reproduce as a faster pace by using machinery then I could have produced many more. However, for all of the separate products, I used a scalpel and ruler to cut through the paper as well as the plastic once I had laminated it all, it was time consuming therefore trying to ensure that all of the laminated pages were precise and met along the top, to make it easier for the man who bound it for me in the shop. 

I cut the stickers down from an A3 sheet and decided to have two columns with 12 stickers on each sheet overall. I have provided each student with four pages of stickers so that they can mark their food in the fridge or freezer with the name of the item and the date to ensure that everything stays fresh.

The personal recipe cards have space for parents to write their recipes down for their children at university, or alternatively the stamp area may not be used, and instead the student may decide to call their parents up and write down the recipes themselves.

It is always important to stay organised and make sure that everything is bought at once, rather than arriving home and remembering at the last minute that you have forgotten ingredients. This is why I have created shopping cards for the students, of which I have provided enough to keep them going for a long time. 

When I was at home I came across these tea towels and I think they are ideal for this brief. Everyone always needs tea towels whilst living at home or in halls, so this is a useful gift from me to the students, to ensure that they keep on top of their washing up as well. I hope that the recipes provided give them a good starting point and makes them interested in trying new recipes out rather than buying ready meals or beans on toast, the stereotypical student meals.

Finally, this is what my bags look like. They are big enough for all of the items to fit inside, and they both have an informative label on to explain what is inside the bag. I hope the students really enjoy using what is inside and can hopefully feel inspired about graphic design at the same time.

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