Thursday, 2 May 2013

OUGD406 - InDesign Rhino Brief: Development

Below are the photographs I have used for my final double page spread. I decided to choose some quite emotive photographs, as the text I have chosen to include is all about how they are endangered and how South Lakes Zoo supports them to try and save them as a species.

I decided to digitally draw some thumbnails before designing my final double page spread. I found this helpful as I could visualise in my head where the images would be situated and whether it would look balanced or not, as I had already decided which images I am going to include.

Here I have enlarged the thumbnail which I preferred the most, although I am going to use this as a basis only and then probably develop and adapt it slightly. Maybe instead of having images above and below the text, to have it more in the centre as they wouldn't be large enough in the space I have currently provided.

Below is the progress of my design. First of all I created guides to help me as I feel as though this is important, especially when using InDesign, as it makes designing so much more accurate and balanced. I then chose to use a font off Da Font which I feel is appropriate, called Isabelle Laine. Although it is quite playful in some respects it also works well with the images I feel, as they are quite cute and emotive. I didn't want the tone of voice overall to be too serious as it would put someone off reading it, so I have tried to make it as inviting as possible in terms of text and imagery.

Here I have tried it with the header in a large size so that it stands out straight away, then I decided to balance the page by drawing a rectangle along the bottom, however I feel as though too much attention is drawn to that rather than what the text says.

I much prefer this already, as I feel as though the negative space around the edge draws attention to the article and the imagery, without there being too much to distract the reader and detract attention away from the important messages within my text.

I like this design even more so, as the dotted line seems to break the page up a bit more, making it appear even more balanced. I still feel as though it may be missing something, possibly a border of some sort.

I decided to try enlarging everything to see whether it would make much of a difference to the overall quality of my design, I also used a lighter shade for the rectangle along the bottom but it looks too dull and heavy.
Below I have shown how I got to the final design. I decided to inject a colour into my design and use antique paper to print on eventually. I feel as though this is the best choice possible, as it will make the white space feel less harsh around the edge and will work well with the shade of green I have chosen.

Although the quality of this photograph isn't the best, I just wanted to illustrate how effective it was using antique stock to print on. The quality could have been much better, however considering I printed it out in the studio I am happy with the outcome and like the effect the grain of the paper has had on the print quality.

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