Wednesday, 1 May 2013

OUGD406 - Speaking From Experience: Trial and Error Development

When I was printing my final things out at home there was a lot of trial and error involved. I am really glad that I was able to print on to antique at home, because the printer I have is high enough quality to enable me to have crisp prints which I am happy with. Below is an image of me trying to align the double sided print correctly, which took a bit of time as I had to alter the settings quite a lot, but once I had got them sorted I was able to print everything out one after another, so it didn't take as long as it might have done in college with other people there printing. 
Once I had printed all of my recipes out I then used my laminator at home and one by one I fed them through and allowed them to cool down before then cutting them down to size. When doing so I left a very small amount around the edges of my recipes, apart from along the top, where I left a larger space so that there is room for binding. I was a bit unsure about how much space to leave, as I went to enquire about binding in a shop in Leeds and the lady said that I didn't need to leave too much of a space as the holes are only small. However if it means that they have to punch into my design slightly then I have also left enough room for it to work without it interferring with my text and images.

This is an example of what it looks like once it is cut down to the correct size. I am really happy with the outcome and feel as though the individual patterns on the back of each recipe look really professional and personalised, hopefully the student receiving it will think the same.

When designing my pouch for all of the personal recipe cards to fit into, I thought it would work well if I was to create a separate pocket and have the pattern behind it. However when it came to actually constructing it, it was quite fiddly and not actually that strong to hold all of the recipe cards upright. This made me reconsider and I have just decided to create a belly band instead as they are much more functional and this way, the student can store the cards wherever they would prefer to have them, rather than having to use this container, which in some respects is a little bit too feminine as well.

Along the way, as I was printing and producing all of the different elements for this brief I decided to lay them all out in two columns so that I could see exactly what needs doing for each of the two individuals. We were asked to produce two of everything, so that we can keep one of them, but I may just give both of them in so that two students can make use of what I have designed and created.

When printing my stickers in the digital print room I had to consider whether I wanted them to be on A4 or A3, however I had designed them on A3 for a reason, so that they were big enough to use and there was enough room to write on each individual sticker. I am pleased I decided to print them at this size, because they turned out just how I wanted them to, and the colour of them is pretty much identical to my antique stock which I am really pleased about. I am going to cut them down to a smaller size and then create a belly band for them.

I have also considered foiling, however I don't feel as though it is necessary as I don't want them to become overly about the design, as it is important to me that they are functional. However, I did go and have a look at the foil chart and this has definitely inspired me to foil for my context brief.

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