Tuesday, 9 April 2013

OUGD404 - Design Principles: Experimenting With Grids and Margins

When experimenting with grids and margins I did some digital versions. I found this quite helpful as it gave me a lot of options to work with and I could possibly use my most preferred layouts for my double page spread publication. I feel as though it depends largely on the content though, as some layouts will work better than others.
Below is my Fibonacci sequence which I experimented with at home. I found it quite hard to understand at first but the more I tried it, the easier it became.

I then continued with this by finishing some hand rendered thumbnails. This was much more time consuming but I quite enjoyed completing them, as it gave me an opportunity to create a wider range to choose from.

I continued to experiment with grid and layout by creating guides on InDesign and placing images and text in relevant places. I found it was a really quick and successful way of organising information without a page looking overcrowded.

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