Monday, 22 April 2013

Brief With John Watters

Over the weekend we received an email concerning our one day brief on Monday. Below I have copied the email which explains the brief. We were also asked to start thinking about the idea and see what we could come up with in preparation.
Monday April 22nd Workshop BAGD/04
[PLEASE be in for a 9.00am start]
Let’s think
about it?
[A workshop in a day]
9.00am: Briefing
9.10am: Kick off
12 noon: Lunch if you like?
12.30pm: Resume
3.45pm: Review
Tuesday 23rd: (time to be confirmed) Mini presentation.
Leeds is a multicultural City and a diverse mixture of environments, from inner city, Urban, Suburban and countryside. The ‘demographics’ are also mixed from one level to another, however we are in the middle of an economic recession, or so we are told daily.
This Summer we should like to create an ‘event’ that will raise spirits and engage all ages
and all (or as many as we can) interests. Think about the 60’s in America, both Viet Nam happening and then the Woodstock, counter culture. Humans, sick of poverty, war and politics embracing simple pleasures in ‘The Summer of Love.’
Let’s think of what we can call it?
What it may consist of?
How could it look?
Think a 4/7 day period.
Forget the weather, it will be glorious sunshine...everyday!
Be adventurous.
Be open minded.
Be brave.
Think BIG.
Then think ‘Bigger’
Mandatories : FUN, CREATIVITY (MORE FUN) and ENGAGEMENT...but above all speed of thought.
What we will do:
Big sheets of paper and black markers to simply put down ideas...If you research too much you will run out of time. Discussion will get the juices flowing!
We have a limited time, so we will all need to gear up prior. Please don’t spend
ages looking, just enough to get the juices flowing. Not a lot of production
work needed, merely scamps and simple illustrations of what we could do.
As we have a limited time, what we could suggest is to, if it is found enjoyable, to be taken on as a self brief to see what could be produced as a a body of work, either as an individual or as a collaboration???
JohnWatters (the little guy with the moustache!)
Today we were introduced to John Watters to start with and he gave us a brief history of his life so that we all knew a bit about him before we started. He then split us up into CP groups and halved us again so that we were in more practical sized groups. We started off by thinking of as many ideas as possible.

We then settled on one idea. We decided to create a 7 day event and chose 7 different countries to focus on. We then put all of the countries in a hat and in pairs chose which ones we were going to concentrate on. Sam and I were given the USA so we decided to look at as many different elements as possible, looking at food, architecture, sports, shopping, music, transport, and anything else we could think of.

Once we had done this we decided to talk about all of our ideas so that we were aware of everything collectively before having to present our ideas as a group. As we had one country left we decided to collaborate and work all together to think of ideas for the UK.


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