Wednesday, 30 January 2013

OUGD405 - Research, Collect, Communicate: Final Product Evaluation

After my crit I was extremely pleased with my overall feedback and was happy to get recognition for the hard work I had put into this three week brief. I feel as though I have developed my packaging skills and have discovered a way to produce infographics which still reflects my style of work. I originally thought that this may be challenging to do, as there is a lot of existing infographics which I am not overly inspired by, but I managed to do it in the end after a lot of experimentation. I am also happy that I chose to create a pet packaging/weekend away kit rather than a passport because it is a much more substantial idea which allowed me to create many different features for within and outside of the main box. This included stickers, informative keys and boxes which were made and in a flat pack format ready to be made quite easily.

If this product was to be mass produced and to be found in stores such as Harvey Nichols I would obviously have to rethink the production of it. It would have to be reproduced on a lazer cutter rather than by hand, so it would maybe therefore lose some of the authentic quality it now holds, however I could include a slip about the origin of the product explaining how they were originally made, therefore supplying the consumer with a history of the product to personalise it.


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