Monday, 28 January 2013

OUGD405 - Research, Collect, Communicate: Response To Final Crit

I have taken into consideration the feedback I was given on Friday as it was suggested that I could maybe include some tissue paper and ribbon within my Pooch Pouch. I had already considered this during my development but had decided against it for a few reasons.

Despite this, I proceeded to make packaging for both to see how they turned out. Here are the designs I made before printing them out on to the correct stock.

Below I have photographed the bellyband I designed to wrap around tissue paper to keep it in place. I chose black tissue paper so that it tied in with the rest of my design, and created the bellyband in a similar way to the lead and brush ones I had previously designed. Although it works really well and looks quite professional, I still don't feel as though it is a necessary requirement to include within my product.

My reasons for this are...
  • I feel that tissue paper is quite a feminine touch and therefore may put males off buying it, therefore reducing the chances of it being sold and also targeting a smaller audience.
  • It wouldn't be needed to successfully finish each of the boxes off as the items inside each box would be food, treats, disposable bags and medication (all of which would not need the added accessory).
  • It would mean increasing the price of the product itself and therefore may have an impact on sales.
  • It takes away the ability to be able to simply fold and seal, and I would have to add an extra instruction to inform people to either cut or tear the paper by hand which would mean providing them with the equipment, to make it more appealing.
I have therefore decided not to go ahead with including this inside my box, but I am pleased I experimented with it, and I think the final outcome is visually quite attractive.

I then experimented with the idea of using ribbon. I bought some ribbed ribbon as I thought it was more appropriate than ribbon which has a more synthetic, shiny finish. I took the roll off the original packaging it was bought in and made my own cardboard holder for it. I printed it on brown paper, attached it to black card and then cut the necessary shape out of it. I think this works really well and is securely packaged.

This is the view from the reverse side, the use of brown paper allows it to tie in with the rest of my designs and against the paper, the ribbon stands out much more than the black.

Finally, I created a bellyband for the packaging. This meant reducing the size of the text considerably and as a result had a negative impact on the design itself. It turned out to be illegible and I felt as though it was almost unnecessary. This was unfortunate as it meant that the design didn't match the other boxes.
Once I had completed this however I decided that it wouldn't be needed anyway. My reasons for this are as follows...
  • Ribbon is a feminine feature to include within the packaging and this would once again hinder the chances of it being appealing to both sexes.
  • If I was to provide a roll of ribbon it would mean providing scissors.
  • I would be unable to provide them with ribbon which had already been cut because different people may want to use the ribbon for different things.
  • In a lot of cases, such as for the brush and the lead where a bellyband is used, it wouldn't be needed and could be considered a waste of materials.
Even though I have made the necessary packaging for both ribbon and tissue paper, I have decided that the packaging I have already created is suitable enough. There are flaws with both of these ideas too, which reinforces that I have made the correct decision. I have also asked for feedback from a couple of people to see whether they would use either item, or see a need for either of them and the response was to leave them out as they aren't needed. I therefore feel as though I have made the right decision but it was most certainly worth the experimentation as I learnt a lot along the way too.

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