Saturday, 29 March 2014

OUGD503 Responsive: Design Process 2: Overall Final Crit

Today we had our final crit with everyone. We presented all of our final pieces of work including all of our small briefs as well as our individual and collaborative competition briefs. We went around the studio and gave people feedback on sticky notes. We then went back to our own spaces at the end and read all of the feedback we had received. I was given positive feedback on my presentation boards which I was really happy about, however both Issy and I were extremely disappointed when we were told that our Champneys work was 'old fashioned' and 'dated' and not unique enough when comparing to existing Champneys products. We both felt extremely disheartened about all of these comments but thankfully received some other which said how beautifully presented our work was and that we didn't need to change it at all. 

As it is too late for us to change anything anyway and we are happy with our finished work, we have decided to just take on board what people have said and stay positive about the project. There are always going to be people who give negative feedback which isn't constructive.

My fedrigoni work was was also appreciated and I was given the feedback I needed about whether or not I should use the shape of the crest as opposed to cutting each of the individual letters out. This makes my final stretch of work a lot easier and I am looking forward to getting it all finished. 

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