Monday, 18 March 2013

OUGD406 - Speaking From Experience: Initial Ideas

This morning we were given our new brief titled 'Speaking From Experience'. We have been given the option to work individually or as a group. For this afternoon we need to have some initial ideas written down and some decisions made.

We have to create a graphic response/graphic product/piece of work that makes a statement, comment, observation or gives advice about our experience on our first year of this course. We are basically allowed to create anything we like as long as the information we provide is entertaining, advisory or informative.

When the brief was read out to us I wrote down some of my responses:
  • Living alone
  • Survival pack
  • Liberty Park
  • Shopping
  • Move in week
  • Freshers week
  • Ice breaker game
  • Publication
  • Working as a group
  • Student cook book
  • Dealing with flat mates
  • Stickers to put on food in the fridge
  • Girls and boys survival kits
  • A calendar with stamps/stickers to stay organised
  • Letter home kit with paper and envelopes and stamps
  • Pencil case/laptop with places for everything to go inside
After carrying out some research into some of the above ideas I came up with the idea of creative a pack which contains different materials to help students who are feeling homesick.

At 1 o'clock we had a session with Amber and we were asked to fill out a form which explained our idea. We then had to present our ideas to the rest of the class.

At the moment I am thinking that my 'pack' will consist of the following things (or along the same lines)...
  • Customised header paper to write letters home
  • Envelopes
  • A book of stamps so that no money needs to be spent
  • Tissues
  • An address book
  • A phone book
  • Tissues
  • An empty photo album to fill
  • Tissues
I am going to carry out further research though into what people miss when they feel homesick. I will carry out primary and secondary research and then proceed from there.


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