Monday, 18 March 2013

OUGD406 - Communication Is A Virus: Preparation For Tea Sales

When preparing for our tea sale there was a lot to consider. We had to think about where to situate our posters so that they would be read and not taken down by the college. Therefore we put them on noticeboards near to graphic design as well as a few downstairs so that students could read them as they come into college in the morning.

We had to go and get our stickers printed for the cups and ensure they were the right size to fit exactly into the space on the bottom of the cup. I am really pleased with the outcome of them though and think that the message on the bottom fits really well into the space provided.

Beth, Harrison, Sarah and I sat in the studio for a whole day to make sure everything was prepared. We had to make sure that the bottom of the cups had a flat surface for the stickers and then we were able to apply stickers to each one. This was a time consuming task and we could have done with all of our group there as we would have got it done much faster.

I decided to take it on board to create a box for all of the monet to be collected in. I wanted to create something which would say thank you as well, and at first I was going to create one with a rounded circle but it turned out that the cut out square in the centre worked much better.

We then had to stitch each of the teabags individually to make sure that they had string on. This meant stitching at both ends because we had to attach the illustrations on to the other end as well.

It was a case of trial and error a lot of the time, as some of the strings were cut too short which meant that the paper would fall into the tea. We therefore had to make sure that they were long enough for the faces to hang out of the side so that the tea bag didn't force it to fall in.

Once they had been stitched we decided to put them all back into the relevant boxes so that we knew which was which in the morning and so we could simply move them into containers without them being mixed up.

Harrison started to cut all of the belly bands out and once Sarah and I had finished the teabags we helped too. Because they have a curved edge it took longer to cut them out, but we managed to do it in time. We stuck each one down with tape to attach it to the cup.

Sarah and I created a system to get it done as quickly as possible, I tored off strips of tape so that it was ready to simply apply, peel and stick down ready.

This is what everything looked like once it was all ready for tomorrow. I am really pleased and feel as though a lot was achieved in one day.

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